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The Multiscale Electron Imaging (METi) platform is a transmission electron microscopy facility managed by the Laboratory of Eukaryotic Molecular Biology (CNRS/UPS) within the Centre de Biologie Intégrative de Toulouse (CBI).

The METi develops projects at scales ranging from isolated macromolecules to the organization of cells or tissues. The goal is to integrate these different observation scales to answer specific questions by using advanced technologies such as electron tomography, cryomicroscopy or correlative microscopy.

Located in the CNRS building (IBCG) on the Paul Sabatier University campus in Toulouse, METi is part of the “Toulouse Réseau Imagerie” (TRI) cell imaging network, which benefits of the IBiSA label and obtained the ISO9001:2008 certification in January 2010. This facility is open to both academic and industrial users. Its expertise is specifically centered on biology, but projects in other fields (material science, chemistry, geology,…) have been successfully carried out.

This facility is operated by a team of two experienced engineers answering service request for samples preparation, microscopy observation and result analysis. The team members provide specific assistance and training for people who wish to use the equipment autonomously.

The METi is especially involved in the implementation of new technologies designed to prepare and observe samples as close as possible to their native state:

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