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Transmission Electron Microscope JEOL JEM-2100 CRP TOMO/GIF



TEM 200KV with accelerating voltage from 80 to 200KV
LaB6 filament
Cryo polepiece (CRP)
Point image resolution: 0.27nm
Lattice image resolution: 0.14nm
Magnification :
50X to 6000X (LOW MAG mode)
1200X to 1000000X (MAG mode)
Motorized objectives apertures under the polepiece (5, 20, 60, 120 μm) and in polepiece (5, 30, 40, 60 μm)
CCD Camera : Gatan Ultrascan US1000 2Kx2K model 894 (pixel 14μm)
Post-column energy-filter Gatan GIF Quantum model 964 with Gatan camera Ultrascan US4000 4KX4K model 895 (pixel 15 μm)
Both cameras have a high sensitivity model U scintillator for cryomicroscopy
Imaging acquisition software: Digital Micrograph (Gatan)
Tomography/Cryotomography (Digital Micrograph, Serial EM)
Image montaging
Advanced Minimum Dose System (JEOL) for cryomicroscopy


Jeol High tilt holder +/- 70°
Jeol Specimen quartet holder (4grids)
Gatan single Tilt cryo holder model 626 cooled down with liquid nitrogen with cryotransfer and pumping station model 655
Fischione dual-axis tomography holder  model 2040 with flexiclamp

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