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High Pressure Freezer Leica EMPACT-1



The EMPACT is a high pressure freezer. The specimen is placed in a flat carrier or in a copper tube for liquid samples.

The sample is subjected to 2,000 bars of pressure and immediately cooled at a rate close to -10,000°C/s in order to obtain vitreous ice (non-crystalline).

Cryofixation improves the morphological quality of the specimen, allows snapshots biological of short-lived processes, and improves preservation of antigens, which are often sensitive to chemical fixation.

The cryofixed specimen can either be cryosubstitued and embedded in resin at low temperature with the AFS2 for morphological observations and immunolabelling. Frozen specimen may also be directly cryosectionned. for direct observation by cryomicroscopy.

The device is operated by a monitor and a touch-sensitive screen
Freezing samples until 200µm depth
Freezing data recording for each sample
Easy and rapid settings

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